Both our oral traditions and the archaeological record
tell us that we have lived in Húy̓at for many, many generations. Over that time, we have left our imprint on the landscape, just as the landscape has imprinted on us. This relationship is reflected in our place names, our ancient stories and songs, our recent memories, and in many kinds of archaeological sites. By being present in, and properly caring for places like Húy̓at, the land and sea have always provided us with the foods, materials, and medicines we need to live and to live well.
"Here, you can, they can get the salmon, the sockeye, the chums, the pinks. You could get the clams, you could get cockles here, you can crab, fish, you can dig that outside the bay. They could go to the forest getting medicine."
- Ron Martin Sr.
"Húy̓at is located so that it provides shelter from northwest winds, northeast winds, southeasters.  When it blows up in our channels it can get pretty rough and bouncy."
- Yím̓ás Wígviɫba Wákas Harvey Humchitt